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Midnight Silicone Pacifier Clip

Midnight Silicone Pacifier Clip

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Our silicone pacifier clips keep you baby’s favorite 

pacifier attached to them no matter where they crawl off to. And because we make them with food grade silicone, they also double as a teether. Definitely a win-win in our book.

Attaches to most pacifiers and easily clips to clothing (

Length: Approx 9”)

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash with mild soap and water. 

Do not put in the dishwasher or washer. Like most metals, the clip may tarnish over time. To maintain quality and avoid rust, do not submerge the metal clip in water, and dry immediately. 

WARNING: This is not a toy. Before each use, inspect the whole paci clip. Throw away at the first sign of weakness or damage. Never lengthen/shorten the paci clip string, add or remove beads, untie knots, or alter in any way! To avoid choking hazards, do not attach it to cords, ribbons, laces, or loose parts of clothing. We recommend the pacifier clip should only be attached to a garment. Do not use when the baby is in a cot, bed, or crib unsupervised. 


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