As a new mother, I was constantly searching for cute, yet functional toys, clothing and accessories for my little girl. Style and function are often hard to find together, which was frustrating. After a year and a half of being a mom, and countless hours of research, to many orders to count, and some old fashioned trial and error, I had curated a pretty amazing combination of products that I absolutely love. I decided I needed to share all my favorite baby items with the world, and Liv Co. was born. 
The items available on our site are ones that I have personally used and tested, and really, really love. I hope you love them too, and always appreciate feedback about the items you love, and even the ones you don't! 
Being a parent is hard enough, finding the best baby products shouldn't be hard too. Our mission is to add a little more cute, and a little more function into your day to day life. You focus on your family, and we'll focus on finding cute, functional, and easy to use baby products.  

Live Simply | Minimalist Textiles for Baby